Success Stories

See how we’ve helped launch other businesses to the top of their markets.

Engine Assembly

“It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with Mr. Siva during the past 3 years as he has helped our division save money in cast machining and manufacturing. Given our complex supply chain, it can be a very tedious task dealing with overseas suppliers especially that in mainland China. Mr. Siva has been very thorough and direct with our suppliers and has done a tremendous job dealing with the intricate details of several projects and has saved us a lot of time and hassle especially meeting project and build deadlines. A true to the word, professional in the extremely competitive and mentally and physically demanding manufacturing environment, Mr. Siva continues to help us sustain our business model for the long term.”

David Buckalter

Caterpillar Commercial Building Products

“W SMYTHE BATES first helped our firm with a massive turbine manufacturing project in Mexico and then again in the Middle East (across various facilities) and Mr. Arun Siva meticulously proved his commendable facility management and quality control skills as we were in a transitioning phase. During several overseas setups of facilities, his cost cutting and strategic sourcing initiatives helped our unit save time and money collectively. Quality control can be a bottleneck for many manufacturers and often times high costing. Through his services, we were able to avoid such bottlenecks and kept productivity running as smoothly as possible despite the numerous obstacles of overseas and multi-continent manufacturing. He is a tremendous asset to any project as his insights and advice can produce immediate results financially.”

Keith Robert Taylor

GE Power and Water, Saint-Gobain Industries

Big Control Panel
Cummins Finished Engines

“W SMYTHE BATES has been a valuable consulting firm in our arsenal for the past 5 years mainly due to the fact that our expanding market in the Indian subcontinent has generated much demand and through Mr. Siva’s expertise and advising we have transitioned smoothly to this new market. His quality control means as well as advise on transport and logistical forecasting and execution has saved valuable time which has allowed us to focus more on enhanced product development.”

Johng Massoquai

Cummins Power Generation