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Why Us

The process of creating and sourcing a product, dealing with suppliers, and controlling quality can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely stressful.  At W Smythe Bates, we aim to simplify this process for you and save your business valuable time and money.

W Smythe Bates’ manufacturing professionals lay the groundwork for better business so our clients can focus on innovation.  Whether that is through general consultations, lean manufacturing, or quality control, we are there to help your business succeed. We are committed to providing the best service and customer experience to you. 

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Our Values

Results Focused

When you work with us, we focus on one thing, results. We won't waste your time with anything that won't bring more profit to your business.


Our team is all about making a real difference for your company, from the shop floor to the bottom line. We take the time to really get to know your business so we can provide the right solutions.


From the pricing model to the engagement process, we aim to keep things simple and practical. We are easy to deal with partners who can quickly provide the right solutions for our clients without creating any more work in the process.

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